Amigo Evolution Camofly Fly Sheet by Horseware Ireland

by Rambo
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  • Research surrounding how flies react to zebras and their stripes suggests that the monochrome stripes confuse flies acting as a natural deterrent to the insect. Based on this principle, Horseware has created a bespoke monochromatic pattern, specifically designed to help camouflage horses from pesky bugs and flies.
  • The layered black lines on a grey background act to create an optical illusion in the eye of a fly. The pattern breaks up the shape of the horse. Insects struggle to identify the horse as a target and cannot figure out where to land.
  • The Horseware Amigo CamoFly’s stylish monochromatic pattern may be a simple way to protect horses by helping to deter flies from landing on their body that can cause annoyance.


  • 3 Straight surcingle’s for added belly coverage
  • Disc-Front Closure
  • Detachable hood included
  • 65% UV protection
  • Shine enhancing shoulder, mane and tail lining
  • Deep cut and extra long tail flap

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