Amigo Stable Plus Disc Medium 200g by Horseware Ireland

by Amigo

The first dual purpose stable rug that also acts as a liner, offering the ultimate in versatility. 

Specially designed to be used with other Horseware® Ireland rugs, the Disc Front closure sits flat on your horse’s chest, creating a more secure and user-friendly option to layer rugs.

Diamond quilted pattern with 200g fill for a medium weight fill to use on its own or as an under-rug or as a liner.

  •      Liner loops allow for Horseware liners to be added to adjust the weight of your rug
  •      Liner tabs on the outer neck allow the attachment to Horseware Ireland rugs to create a different weight
  •      Add a waterproof outer for additional flexibility
  •      Disc front closure
  •      Front leg arches for freedom of movement
  •      Removable surcingles

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