Dyon Dressage Round Leather Large Crank Patent Noseband Snaffle Bridle

by Dy'on
Temporarily out of stock, call to order.
Dressage bridle in rolled English leather and patent leather noseband with black padding.

Thin soft headpiece which includes noseband and cheek pieces.
Anatomic crownpiece shape to relieve pressure on the base of the ears
Neoprene padding and extra soft full grain sheep leather lining
Black patent slightly raised leather flash noseband, 3.8 cm wide 
Crank noseband in supple leather with nylon lining and protective padded soft leather jaw piece
Hook stud cheek pieces
Soft Dy’on V - shape browband with authentic Swarovski crystals
Matching colour stitching
Stainless steel buckles

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