LifeLine Equi-Cal Pellet 20kg

by LifeLine
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SPECIES: Mature Horses and Light to Performance Horses FEATURES: Equi Cal will have plenty of calories with no molasses and no grain so it allows horses to remain calmer (controlled energy), while putting on weight and performing within reason. The oil is pure soybean oil which is palatable and very high quality. The lysine (amino acid) is maintained at a high level along with other amino acids for muscle mass. Organic selenium is higher than most hard feeds as well as % of chelated minerals. Equi Cal was designed to offer a high fat capable of supporting a high performance horse with a “low sugar low starch” concentrate. The pellet texture is soft due to the high oil content. If your horse is a little thin or requires more muscle, it will support more weight on horses. This is also a great feed for a dressage horse that must carry good body condition, yet be calm. It eliminates the need to top up with high fat, oil, or other fat supplements. Equi Cal is ideal for horses with sensitive digestive systems with additional live yeast cultures and probiotics. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Directions for use must be carefully followed. Feed LifeLine Equi Cal at 0.5 kg to 1.0 kgs per 100kg body weight per day depending on body condition and level of activity. Do not use more than 2.25kg of Lifeline Equi Cal at a single feeding. Frequent smaller rations recommended. See tag for specific information.

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