Miracle Coat Premium Horse Shampoo

by Miracle Coat
We call it shampoo, but you'll call it a miracle. First, our special pH-balanced formulation gently removes dirt and leaves your horse's coat thoroughly cleansed for that perfect, show-quality sheen. At the same time, our ultra-premium emollients help repair the dry, damaged hair that can otherwise leave even the most beautiful horse looking dull and lackluster. Finally, our unique combination of Tea Tree Oil and 17 botanical extracts works to soothe and promote faster healing of skin irritation caused by fungus, flies, ticks, cuts and scratches. The result is a horse that looks its best, not just on the day of the washing, but long afterward.  **Creates the world's shiniest, healthiest mane, tail and coat **Helps soothe skin irritations from insect bites and chaffing **Specially formulated and pH-balanced for horses **Leaves coat thoroughly cleansed and naturally moisturized

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