Pureform Pure Synthetic Vitamin E 1kg

by Science Pure Nutraceuticals
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Vitamin E is one of the most important, yet often overlooked vitamins. Deficiency has been implicated in causing a variety of disorders such as rhabdomyolysis (tie-ing up syndrome), equine lower motor neuron disease, white muscle disease (with low selenium levels), and degenerative myelopathy (a neurologic disease in young horses). Horses with normal levels of vitamin E also have been shown to have better immune responses to vaccines. Oral supplementation of vitamin E is safe, as there have never been reports of toxicity from vitamin E. 

Synthetic Vitamin E (dl alpha-tochopheryl acetate) has 50% less bioavailability than the Natural Vitamin E (d alpha-tochopheryl acetate), however the cost is much less as well.


Recommended serving

Each 3g teaspoon = 3000 IU of vitamin E.

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