Ultrashield Fly Mask with Ears

by Absorbine
Temporarily out of stock, call to order.

The new standard for protection and comfort, our all-new horse fly mask design keeps horses cool and dry using high-tech fabrics originally developed for human performance clothing. It’s designed to stay put with two-way controlled stretch fabric on the crown and jowl, extended fabric behind the ears, and a strong double-locking hook and loop closure. It’s also designed to protect, with structured eye darts and a mesh that blocks 80% of UV rays. Plus, rolled inner seams prevent rubs and irritation.

Cob: for Cob, Large Pony, Small Horse*
Horse: for Average Horse, Small Warmblood*
Warmblood (Oversize): for Warmblood, Small Draft, Draft Cross*
*For best results, follow your horse’s halter size.

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