WildGold Equine Original Performance 64oz

by Wild Gold
Besides being essential to your horse’s diet, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in Wild Gold Original Camelina Oil have been shown to positively impact cell membrane response to trauma and infection as well as reducing inflammation. Recent research in horses has even shown that fatty acids may have the potential to help regulate insulin sensitivity. Wild Gold also contains naturally occurring Vitamin E that not only prevents rancidity of the product but also provides your horse with a potent anti-inflammatory in a form that can be easily digested. Camelina, the source of Wild Gold, has been cultivated for more than 2,500 years in native Europe. The North American Camelina used for Wild Gold is harvested by local farmers who work directly with Wild Gold to ensure the bottling of the most pure and natural product possible — with a blend of Omega-3-6-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E that is naturally found in the Camelina plant. Camelina oil is the foundation of all of our Wild Gold products. Extracted from sustainable Camelina sativa plants that are harvested from small family owned farms, the oil is produced under cold compression to insure its beneficial nutrients are maintained. Research has shown that the omega fatty acid profile of camelina oil positively impacts cell membrane composition. The omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid found in camelina oil is the same form of omega-3 fatty acid found in the horse’s natural plant-based diet. The problem is that the majority of horse diets today are made up of dried forages that contain very little omega fatty acid due to the fact that these fatty acids are not heat stable. This means that while horses may consume plenty of omega-3 fatty acids from good quality pasture, when grass is dried to make hay the omega-3s are lost. Many of the oils and fat sources we have traditionally relied upon in equine diets such as corn oil, canola oil, and rice bran, contain very low levels of omega-3 fatty acids and over supply omega-6 fatty acids. Research has shown that after 90 days, horses fed supplemental DHA had lower levels of markers associated with joint inflammation. In other studies, supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids showed an increase in stride length at the trot as compared to horses receiving corn oil. Wild Gold Original and Premium may be of benefit to aged horses suffering from osteoarthritis as well as performance horses whose joints are subjected to high impact or horses already suffering from joint inflammation. The fatty acid composition of the horse’s diet has a direct influence on whether an inflammatory stimulus will escalate or be reduced. Unlike other oils typically included in equine diets, the camelina oil found in our Wild Gold products provides a unique blend of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and our Premium product provides a direct source of DHA. Feeding our Wild Gold products will help insure that your horse’s diet contains the fatty acids necessary to regulate inflammatory response. Fat sources provided 2.5 times more energy than an equivalent weight of carbohydrate making them a great source of fuel for horses in hard work or needing extra calories for weight gain. Wild Gold Original is a better option when your horse needs calories from fat because 30-40% of the fat provided is in the form of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid. Wild Gold Original provides the best of both worlds by providing fat calories for increased stamina while at the same time reducing the risk inflammation.

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