Stable Hardware

Safety Spring Hook 2 7/8"
Round Eye Swivel Bolt Snap 3/8"
Solid Bronze Heavy Weight Bolt Snap 1"
Shire Haynet Tie Ring

Shire Haynet Tie Ring

Shires Equestrian


A must for large yards or busy owners, this labour saving device avoids the need for tying up haynets with knots that can come undone or tangle. Ra...

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Chrome Plated Square Eye Trigger Snap 1"
Swivel Panic Snap 4.5" Temporarily out of stock, call to order.
Square Eye Swivel Bolt Snap 1/2"
Square Eye Bolt Snap 2"
Round Eye Solid Brass Swivel Bolt Snap 3/8"
Double Ended Bolt Snap 4.5" Nickle Plated
Double End Bolt Snap 3.5"

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