AgSilver CleanWash Maximum Strength 946ml

by EquiFit
Therapeutic shampoo intended for periodic use on existing fungus, infection or wounds. Maximum strength CleanWash can be used on infected areas or as a prophylactic against possible infestation by microorganisms and other parasites. Available Sizes: 8oz. and 32oz. Made In USA Effective Against:* •Scratches •Fungus •Rain Rot •Cuts •Wounds •Thrush •Skin Irritations All AgSilver products are free of antibiotics. * Use various AgSilver products in conjunction with each other for best results. Silver is historically recognized for its antimicrobial properties and ability to kill bacteria, molds and fungi. EquiFit’s AgSilver Maximum Strength line is used to reduce and prevent the growth of a broad range of organisms. The Maximum Strength line is intended for use on existing and persistent conditions. Also recommended for horses susceptible to frequent infections and fungus. For preventative measures, use AgSilver Daily Strength. Made In USA

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