Cavalleria Toscana R-EVO Air Bag Vest

by Cavalleria Toscana

This Air Bag Vest is sold with an air cartridge included, and therefore it can only be shipped within Canada via ground shipping and is subject to a dangerous goods shipping surcharge that will be applied at checkout.

REVOLUTION becomes SAFE! Born by a collaboration between Seaver and Cavalleria Toscana, the CT AirBag was created to protect riders with elegance. The vest was designed for reaching high-performance on every aspect: protection, breathability, function and style. This vest is so sleek and comfortable with their signature, fabulous fabrics throughout.

The CT airbag is compatible to be worn underneath many new styles of Cavalleria Toscana Jackets. It is critical to check the label on your jacket and confirm the fabric is compatible.

See our selection of CT jackets compatible to be worn over the air vest here: Cavalleria Toscana Airbag Compatible Competition Jackets — Equi Products (

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