Dyon D Collection Anatomic Breastplate

by Dy'on
• Adjustable bridge
• 5 points of attachment
• Curved for less restrictive, free shoulder movements
• 6 cm long elastic bands for comfort
• Snap hooks for attaching to the saddle's dees and elastic loops to attach to the girth below the billets.
• Can be used with or without with attachment to the girth between the legs.

The Dyon "D Collection" Anatomical Breastplate matches the rest of the D Collection.

Characteristics of the Premium D collection:

• Dy’on premium leather: Grade 1 Catalan leather tanned in Igualada, Spain
• Vegetable tanning developed exclusively by Dy’on
• Natural dyes in brown or black
• Polyvernis varnished brass buckles
• The Dyon "D Collection" Anatomical Breastplate matches the rest of the D Collection with the following characteristics of the collection:

The hallmark of this collection is its beauty: All D Collection items are finished with cream-coloured thread and brass buckles. Made from premium Dy’on leather, the products in the D Collection are constantly being innovated to meet the most demanding competition riders’ needs. Its exceptional style and quality makes this Dyon's most popular collection. Its elegance and fine details never fail to make an impression. Whilst it was designed with jumping in mind, the D collection is suitable for all types of horses and equestrian disciplines.

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