Ego 7 Boot Polish Cream

by EGO7

EGO7 boot cream is a polishing cream designed to soften, revitalize, and protect the leather of your boots. Use it on a daily basis, to keep your boots supple and resistant. Its nourishing ingredients regenerate the leather after use. It is a conditioner for the leather as well as a polish. EGO7 boots cream increases water repellency, sealing out excess moisture and balances hydration, improves flexibility, protects and lengthen the life of your boots. It does not merely give your boots a pretty shine, it is a remarkable product used and recommended by riding professionals.

Size: 200 ml.

Directions for use: Wipe away and large amounts of dirt or mud witha damp cloth. Apply thoroughly with a brush or sponge and rub thoroughly into the leather leather. Wait few minutes, then polish with a wool cloth for a glossy shine. Quickly absorbed into leather, it makes it soft and smooth, nourishing and helping restore the leather. If using colored polish be careful not to stain skin or clothing. Regular use of EGO7 boot cream prolongs the life of your boots.

Tip: Use the neutral, colorless polish for everyday no mess cleaning and polishing. Break out your colored polish to restore the look of the boots and for shows!

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