Equistro MyoPower 2.3 KG Pellets

by Equistro
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Power the muscles, combat damage and ease recovery!

Horses have a much slower rate of replenishing energy storage in muscle tissue, as compared to other species. It may take them up to 72 hrs to restore muscle energy post strenuous exercise.

Dosage - for a 500 kg (1,100 lbs) horse 50 g/day for a minimum of 5 weeks

Composition (per 50 g)
L-leucine in active form (5.17 g)
Leucine (4.68 g)
Lysine (1.5 g)
Methionine (0.75 g)

A powerful amino acid boost for your horses

Myo Power contains a high quality protein with increased selected amino acid concentration. It provides your horse with many essential amino acids, such as lysine, methionine and threonine, as well as branched chain amino acid L-leucine in its biologically active form.

Leucine has been shown in studies on humans and horses to increase post- exercise utilization of glucose, in particular to replenish energy storage in muscle cells. Myo Power has added glucose, to potentiate the energy-producing effect of leucine.

Myo Power has it all!

Only 50 g/day in the form of a highly palatable pellet provides all essential and branched chain amino acids needed by the performance horse.

It contains the highest dose of all essential amino acids compared to similar products on the market with added L-leucine to aid recovery.

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