Freejump Air's Stirrup 30° Angle Eye 10° Incline Tread Black & Silver

by Freejump
Temporarily out of stock.
The FreeJump AIR'S Stirrups are uniquely designed, made from stainless steel and an air cushion footbed. These stirrups offer several options to suit the specific needs of the rider. Choose from a straight or 30° angled eye and flat or 10° inclined footbed. The polyamide top banner is designed to break free from the stirrup in case of a fall to help facilatate the release of the rider's foot. The footbed features FreeJump's super grip studs for the extra traction riders have come to love. These stirrups are also fully customizable by selecting the colors of the stickers, footbed floor and elastomer. And perhaps best of all, the FreeJump AIR'S are 100% recyclable!

Contact us if you'd like to customize your own pair today!

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