Freejump Stirrup Leather Single Strap Pro Grip

by Freejump
FREEJUMP's stirrups leathers single strap and extra wide design provide unbeatable riding comfort and the guarantee that the FREEJUMP stirrup leathers will not twist. The upper part enables an even more precise adjustment of the length than conventional stirrup leathers thanks to the use of biothane material on the back of the upper part of the leathers; the biothane reinforces the upper part of the leathers allowing more holes in the same short distance (30 holes instead of 20 as found on conventional leathers).

The new PRO GRIP offers:
Internal grip for a gripping effect on the saddle;
As a results the stirrups are in a more stable position;
No grip necessary between the boots (or chaps) and the couple leathers/saddle, limiting the secondary effects of boots glue, and allowing the legs to remain free in their movements;
Grip mounted on a velcro strap for an easy replacement;
Leathers supplied also with a leather strap (mounted on velcro) with no grip;
Special rubber material with a surface for maximum desired grip;

3 sizes to choose from depending on the rider's height:

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