Herbs For Horses Endurolytes 2.5kg

by Herbs For Horses
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A rich source of the ions Potassium, Sodium and Chloride in the ideal ratio to replenish fluid loss (sweat) in competitive horses. Endurolytes is a high quality low sugar electrolyte formula isotonic to horse sweat. One scoop replaces the electrolytes lost in 4 L of sweat!

-A rich source of Potassium, Sodium and Chloride.
-Helps replenish fluid loss in competitive horses.
-No fillers except for the minimal required sugar for electron transport from gut to blood.

INGREDIENTS: Strawberry (or Apple) Essences, Dextrose, Fructose, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium,Potassium Chloride, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium Chloride
Note: Sugar free formula also available as a custom mix. Please contact us for more details.

DAILY FEED RATE (per 500 kg / 1100 lbs of body weight): 50 g per day to 4 L of water or top dress on feed Enclosed scoop is approximately 50 g

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