Herbs For Horses Soluflex 1L

by Herbs For Horses
Soluflex is a premium liquid joint supplement providing powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits. It promotes healthy joints and ligaments. It repairs damage due to exercise or strain. Soluflex is a cost effective superior formulation priced very competitive to other liquid joint supplements.

-Pain relieving.
-Promotes healthy joints and ligaments.
-Cost effective.
-No fillers.

INGREDIENTS: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Collagen, Turmeric.

Active Ingredients per Dose:
Glucosamine 10000 mg
Chondroitin 2500 mg
MSM 2500 mg
Collagen 2000 mg
Turmeric 500 mg

Caution: Not for use in pregnant or lactating animals.

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