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The Horse Hydrator is an easily attachable filter that rids foreign water of unfamiliar tastes and smells, bringing water to its purest state. Not only does the filter rid the water of foul tastes allowing horses to drink more but, chlorine, soluble heavy metals, iron and hydrogen sulfide are significantly reduced in the filtration process. The Horse Hydrator attaches to the hose for ease of use when travelling with your horse. Kinetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF Horse Hydrator uses KDF-55 process media which are made of high purity copper-zinc granule combination which is responsible for decreasing the chlorine, iron, lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, magnesium, calcium carbonate, chromium, algae, fungi, bacteria and other harmful contaminants in unfiltered water. We use this media so that through an exchange of electrons, the impurities are reduced to harmless components. For example through a reduction reaction free chlorine is reduced to a water soluble chloride ion. When water that contains hydrogen sulfide is run through the Horse Hydrator the copper (Cu+2) ion losses an electron and the sulfur gains and electron. This yields an insoluble copper sulfide and water. The insoluble particles are filtered out and the clear water is filtered through the Horse Hydrator. Iron removal via the HH occur when the KDF media changes iron ions into ferric hydroxide through an oxidation reduction process. The second type of filtration incorporated in the Horse Hydrator is through the use of the eco-friendly coconut carbon. This type of filtration has a higher volume of microspores to trap contaminants more readily than coal or wood type carbons. It also can reproduce their natural fruit up to three times a year and collection of the shells doesn't injure the tree. Previous to their use in filters, many of the shells were wasted or burned, but now it is a renewable resource that can benefit the well-being of our horses in a win-win situation.

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