Kentucky Horsewear Heavy Fleece Rug Square 210x200cm

by Kentucky Horsewear
ITEM # 52174

The Heavy Fleece Rug Square can be used in various ways without having the inconveniences of a real wool rug.

Product Description
- Multi-purpose: under rug, cooler rug, transport rug or to go to the ring
- Fast drying and transports moisture to the surface
- Shavings are easily brushed off
- Extended neckpiece that can be folded over
- Timeless design with wool-look (100% Polyester)

What’s special
The Heavy Fleece Rug Square is a mix between the horse duvet and the heavy fleece rug. The Fleece rug can be used as a cooler rug, an under rug, a transport rug and folded together as a rug to go to the ring for a classic, timeless look.

Fabrics & materials
The heavy fleece material that is used for the square rug is fast drying and transports moisture to the surface of the rug. On the surface sweat and moisture evaporates rapidly. Even in winter, your horse dries quickly, and so will not catch a cold. The Polyester fabric has a wool look but unlike wool, shavings are easily brushed off the rug. On top of that the rug is more user friendly as it is washable.

Shape & size
Thanks to the big square shape and size (210x200) the fleece rug can be worn and used in different ways. The extended neckpiece can be folded over or serve as a neckpiece for more warmth. Because of the lack of pressure between the rug and the manes, you don’t need to worry about rubbing. You can add bulk and warmth to your rugs and don’t have to worry about tangling cross surcingles or the pressure of front closures.

Care guide
The Heavy Fleece Rug Square is washable at 30 degrees. We advise against using a dryer to avoid pilling.

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