Kentucky Horsewear Houndstooth Dressage Saddle Pad

by Kentucky Horsewear

Bring a graphic and chic look to your outfit with this Kentucky Horsewear Dressage Houndstooth Saddle Pad (Pied-de-Poule).  This saddle pad has a quilted star patten and a double twist piping in similar tones. The subtle artificial leather logo is placed in a central, slightly higher place which always leaves space for embroidery of your own logo if desired. The Houndstooth (Pied-de-Poule pattern), a fashion classic that brings rhythm and elegance, on a microfiber fabric.

This saddle pad provides an anatomical cut that will bring maximum comfort to your horse by protecting it from friction. It has no annoying straps to attach to the saddle, only a nylon strap for the girth.

Machine Washable at 30 degrees. Hang to dry.

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