Kentucky Horsewear Saddle Pad Classic Leather Jumping

by Kentucky Horsewear

The Kentucky Horsewear Saddle Pad Classic Leather is a very stylish pad with an artificial leather binding and our Kentucky logo. They come in very attractive unique colours with Hexagon quilting for a classic and timeless look.

The lining of the Saddle Pad Classic Leather is 100% polyester. This material is soft to the horses’ skin to prevent rubbing and chafing. It’s also a very breathable material, which makes sure your horse stays dry while training or competing.

The Saddle Pad Classic Leather is anatomically shaped and makes sure the withers are free, to avoid pressure and friction. There is only a girth strap, to make tacking up easier. Because of the anatomical shape and soft lining, the saddle will not move whilst riding. The Saddle Pad Classic Leather is available in Dressage and Show Jumping shape.

Machine Washable at 30 degrees. Hang to dry.

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