Kentucky Horsewear Travel Boots

by Kentucky Horsewear
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These strong and comfortable travel boots protect the pastern, fetlock, tendons, and hock of your horse. Thanks to the durable materials the travel boots will help protect your horse for every journey.

The outside of the travel boots are made from a strong 600D ripstop polyester. Ripstop is a special weaving technique that makes the fabric more resistant to tearing and ripping. The pastern area is reinforced with Kentucky’s artificial leather. Therefore, the sensitive heel zone is extra protected. The travel boots are lined with artificial rabbit skin. Next to increased comfort, the artificial rabbit skin avoids rubbing marks and regulates the leg’s temperature. A shock-absorbing foam is added inside the boots to offer maximum protection. All these materials are lightweight, breathable, long-lasting and ensure your horse’s wellbeing whilst traveling.

The boots come in a set of 4. 2 front boots protect from the heel up to the knee. The 2 hind boots protect from the heel up to the hock. There are 3 strong hook and loop closures.

The travel boots are washable at 30 degrees. Make sure that before washing, you close all the hook and loop straps. After washing, let air dry naturally.

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