Kentucky Horsewear Walker Rug

by Kentucky Horsewear
The Walker Rug has a 160g poly fill and is ideal to lung horses or to put them in the walker when it’s cold. The artificial rabbit skin lining offers extra warmth because it creates tiny air pockets that retain the body heat of the horse. It also offers comfort, makes your horse’s coat shine and helps prevent rubbing and hairs sticking in the lining. The shoulders are free and the Walker Rug has a classic front closure combined with a strong Velcro fastening. The withers are protected by the lining and a fauz sheepskin roll. The Walker Rug features two surcingles to help keep the rug in place as well as a nylon tail cord attached to two D-rings. The Walker Rug has a diamond quilting pattern and the stylish buckles with artificial leather accents. It is machine washable at 30°, no dryer.

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