Neue Schule Turtle Bar Smart Loose Ring

by Neue Schule

Sourced for horses that are sensitive or lacking the confidence to commit and take the bridle forwards.

These horses are tricky into the contact. Often so light, or suddenly dropping the rein, ducking behind the vertical, leaving the rider with nothing in the hand.

Not all of us are fast enough to put our leg on, follow them back, and coax them forwards again into the contact. And, even if we were, if the horse’s reward is not a very comfortable mouthpiece, this would be a fruitless and repetitive exercise.

Traditional fatter mouthpieces such as the straight bar or mullen mouth will often encourage the horse to stretch and take more weight through the rein. However, they may give a wooden feel through the rein, and take up too much room in the mouth, and recent research has shown that there is not as much space in the mouth as previously thought.

The Turtle Bar Smart design delivers comfort, encouraging the horse to seek the mouthpiece, taking the rein forwards, into a stable, sustainable contact, whilst achieving a higher level of feel and responsiveness.

This solid mouthpiece has been specifically designed to relieve pressure over the more sensitive outer edges of the horse’s tongue and bars. This is achieved by utilising the thicker, less sensitive centre of the tongue which is proven as a sustainable contact area.

This comfortable, innovative mouthpiece has been developed specifically for flatwork training.

The mouthpiece is in optimum alignment with the tongue’s centre when the horse is in a flatwork outline, so is NOT recommended for faster work or speed control.

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