Omega Alpha Immune Plus 1L

by Omega Alpha
INGREDIENTS : Echinacea Angustifolia Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tormentosa) Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosis) Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) Elecampane (Inula helenium) DOSAGE: Preventative treatment: give 30cc daily for 20days, stop for 5-7 days and then repeat cycle. At the first sign of a cold or virus, double or triple the dosage until symptoms subside. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. FOR ORAL USE ONLY. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MARES IN FOAL. Immune Plus™ is manufactured under strict GMP standards. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions. We always recommend consultation with your veterinarian for proper diagnosis.

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