Rambo Airmax Liner by Horseware Ireland

by Rambo

A fabulous addition to your horse's blanket range, the Rambo® Airmax Liner (No Fill) harnesses fabric technology to deliver a moisture-wicking and warm layer to complement your Horseware® blanket outer. The Rambo® Airmax Liner is made from an 'airmesh' fabric which boasts an ultra-soft super absorbent inner which helps wick away moisture from your horse's body while encouraging natural airflow. The innovative 3D construction keeps your horse warm in cold weather and allows the liner's construction to breathe in hot weather, making it an extremely versatile liner choice.

The liner attaches by velcro loops to the neck area of your outer blanket and clips onto the back corners to prevent the liner from slipping, giving you a secure fit and peace of mind. Featuring a contoured neckline, single velcro front closure and a front leg arch design for enhanced freedom of movement, this liner is an excellent option for horse owners who want more choice and flexibility from their existing turnout, blanket or sheet.

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