Sprenger HS ULTRA Fit Premium Comfort Roller Vertical Spurs 25mm

by HS Sprenger
Temporarily out of stock.
The ULTRA fit spur series by Sprenger are made from high quality stainless steel that is functional and classy looking. These spurs are equipped with the Balkenhol fastening which features a unique strap loop with an outwardly flared centre bar. This system allows the spur strap to pass the boot on the inside, providing a comfortable yet secure fit without pinching or slipping.

-Unisex sizing
-Stainless steel can be adjusted to fit the width of foot
-Balkenhol fastening for optimal fit on the boot and decreased pressure points on the rider’s foot
-Thick, smooth rowel for softer, more direct contact with the horse’s flank
-25mm round end neck with vertical Comfort Roller rowel

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