Sprenger HS ULTRA Fit Premium EXTRA GRIP 9 Big Round Rowel Spurs 30mm

by HS Sprenger
The ULTRA fit EXTRA GRIP spur series by Sprenger are made from high quality stainless steel that is covered with a durable soft rubber coating that aids in the fit as well as giving a distinct look. These spurs are equipped with the Balkenhol fastening which features a unique strap loop with an outwardly flared centre bar. This system allows the spur strap to pass the boot on the inside, providing a comfortable yet secure fit without pinching or slipping.

-Unisex sizing
-Stainless steel can be adjusted to fit the width of foot
-Rubber coating helps prevent the spurs from slipping
-Balkenhol fastening for optimal fit on the boot and decreased pressure points on the rider’s foot
-30mm neck with big disk rowel

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