Tech Stirrups Venice Young Security Stirrup for Children

by Tech Stirrups
Temporarily out of stock.
“Venice Young” stirrups have a safety mechanism which allows the outer side of the sitrrup to open easing the release of the foot if needed in a fall.

One end of the moving part is fixed to the tread, while the other end is secured to the stirrup by spring pressure and a magnetic locking system. These patented Tech Stirrups are 100% made in Italy.

Tech Stirrups Venice Young are made from aluminium billet and then fastened with stainless steel screws. They are anodised (20µm treatment) to preserve their aesthetic quality.

Weight: 370g (13,05 oz)

Tread Dimensions: 106x51mm (4in)

Tech Stirrups patented grip has been studied to always maintain the best adherence, without renouncing comfort, even in case of poor support. In addition, its design ensures a long-lasting product.

The "s" shape of eye of the stirrup has been conceived to allow the stirrups to hang open, making finding a lost stirrup easier and effortless mounting. Venice stirrups do not need special leathers. Classic stirrup leathers can be used.

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