VetGold PFree Shampoo 1L

by VetGold

Like all VetGold products our shampoos are Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Natural Oils and Plant Extracts. For dogs, cats and horses.

A rich blend of very powerful Antioxidants like Raspberry Extract, Vitamin C , Vitamin E fortified with Dead Sea Minerals and Deep-Sea Red Algae, all designed to protect the skin, mane, coat and tail from the harsh environmental conditions and polluted air drying and damaging them. 

Dead Sea Mud rich with Magnesium is a super cleanser cleaning and removing impurities leaving your horse clean and refreshed with a shiny glow.  Red Algae will cover the skin, coat and tail with an anti-moisture loose film while the Dead Sea Minerals provide the nourishment needed for healthy strong roots and maintain skin's natural elasticity.  Dead Sea Minerals are rich with much needed Magnesium.

FEI, BHA & HRA Compliant.  Endorsed by Equestrians and Veterinarians worldwide.

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